The Sloans

My kids started going to Cierra’s camp in its first year and my husband and I were blown away at how she kept kids of all ages engaged, active, safe and having an amazing time – even on rainy days. Now we use Cierra’s babysitting service to look after our kids every afternoon of the summer. We are in the city working, and our girls are at the cottage for the summer with their grandfather. Our girls are having the summer of their lives, and couldn’t care less that their parents aren’t around. They spend all afternoon swimming, tubing, going to the farmers market, playing games/ lego, etc. We couldn’t be happier with Cierra’s service – she is reliable, driven, smart and amazing with kids. I highly recommend Walkers Point Babysitting. Cierra is an incredible young woman with a head for business and an entrepreneurial spirit. I know that Cierra will be incredibly successful at anything she sets her mind to and she has a very bright future ahead of her.

The Bolts

We hired Cierra to nanny our 3 year old for two weeks, while we took a much needed vacation. She was so engaging with our son on the first day, he didn't even cry when we left. Knowing our son was feeling content from the very first day relieved our worry and stress about leaving him for so long. To be honest, we probably wouldn't have left unless it was Cierra caring for him. She has this way with children...she's playful - she gets right down on the floor to engage with them, and at the same time, she keeps them in line...making sure they always say "please" and "thank you", and being respectful of the way they talk to her. When we came home, Sawyer was more polite then he's ever been! Cierra was very sweet to send us updated messages and videos throughout our trip, that showed us how much fun they were having. To be honest, we didn't worry one little bit...we knew Cierra was keeping Sawyer safe and sound, and they were having fun while we were away. We would recommend Travel Kid's Care to absolutely anyone and everyone...Cierra takes her job extremely seriously, and always strives to be the best nanny possible. She truly is.

The Grubers

Cierra has been an incredible babysitter, mentor, and coach to our twin daughters.  She is trustworthy, full of energy and enthusiasm, caring, conscientious, responsible and overall an amazing young woman!

Cierra the Babysitter:  We first knew Cierra in her capacity as a babysitter for our children.  The girls were always so happy when Cierra was babysitting as she made the time spent with Zoe and Emily filled with fun games and activities and lots of laughter.  Cierra is not the babysitter who plunks the kids in front of the TV - she plans fun games and actively engages with the children.  We knew our children were in great hands when they were with Cierra and we never, ever worried.  

Cierra the Mentor:  As Emily and Zoe grew their relationship with Cierra grew into one of mentor as she hired them to help with her summer day camp.  They learned firsthand the care and thought Cierra puts into her camps and the daily activities.  Cierra taught them how to budget time and plan many fun games as well as prepare healthy snacks.  Cierra puts the same amount of care and energy into her day camps and babysitting services as she does into teaching her staff how to provide the excellent care she is known for.  

Cierra the Coach:  Most recently Cierra was the coach for my daughters' ski/snowboard competitive program.  Once again, Cierra went above and beyond in planning for this new program.  The girls' snowboard skills improved greatly over the course of the season and they had a fantastic time together every weekend.  Her many years of experience in caring for children and being responsible shine through in her coaching skills.

We've come to know Cierra very well over the course of 10 years and we've watched her develop into a truly remarkable young woman.  She has become like another daughter to us.  Her passion for childcare is evident in everything she does, right down to the last little details.  We watch the faces of every child light up in her presence.  We trust Cierra implicitly and would highly recommend her for any child care needs.  

The Faughts

Cierra has done a wonderful job with our boys this summer. Her summer camp on lake Muskoka is well organized and full of fun and engaging activities for small children. We always feel safe leaving our children under her supervision and look forward to hearing about all the fun things they have done at camp. The slide show at the end of the week is a great touch, showcasing the fun moments we weren't there to see ourselves. On top of this Cierra started a baby sitting service, coordinating baby sitting, ensuring top quality, professional supervision day or night. The service was amazing, there wasn't one hiccup and the sitters always arrived on time, polite, and ready to provide engaging child care.

In conclusion, Cierra is clearly a very motivated and enterprising person as demonstrated by her successful businesses, but her empathy, patience, and compassionate care for children is what really sets her apart!

The Dinellos & Bentley-Carons

The Situation – Headed to Hilton Head, SC to an unknown rental house with a pool, 2 families, 6 busy kiddos all under 10, 2 Mommas, 2 Dads = 4 tired parents who need and like big nights out followed by daily naps.  
Our Answer – Cierra Phillips from Travel Kid Care!
Here is what you need to know:

  • She goes with it when you change your mind 15 times on the location of your vacation, the people involved and the method in which you plan on getting there
  • She never gets upset when you remind her 14 times to bring her passport…and then you realize is best left to remind you…
  • She can pack a 9 day trip in less than 40lbs and always have everything necessary
  • She will sit in the middle seat without being asked and take your kids to the washroom on a plane – xxx 
  • She will grab bags, luggage’s and whatever needs to be hauled from place to place
  • She will share a hotel room with your family and take the kids to the pool the next morning so you can pack up in peace
  • She appreciates nature, appreciating everything from the blue crabs in a bayou over lunch to our Sea Pines bike rides
  • She will spend the afternoon in the pool with your kiddos while you shut it down
  • She is smart, she has a perspective and is an easy dinner companion
  • She respects safety
  • She knows when to get up and when to shut it down – full kiddo respect
  • She puts sunscreen on all your kids, all day, everyday
  • She can drive a mean golf cart on Dafuskie Island!
  • She can tandem bike with 3 kids and will bike around Sea Pines like she owns it
  • She can Costco shop for a big group like she is the host
  • She can sleep in a car and let you know it – xxx
  • She unloads and organizes, and she “finds” things
  • She anticipates meals – she just gets this part, chopping/ peeling/ cooking/ passing and cleaning – she has it all
  • She is all good if you and yours go out for dins and drinks, she has it all sorted
  • She likes any music that you play – she loves it all
  • She puts on band aids and easily repairs physical and feeling hurts 

The rest of her goodness is for you to find out – please consider taking her on your next vacation!
She will be part of ours and we truly felt with her help we really connected as a family and had a true break. 

 - Thank you CP

The Yardleys

Coming soon!